Liquid Sampler Module

Liquid Sampler ModuleThe OPSIS LS200L Liquid Sampler is the interface between the process and the analyser in the OPSIS Liquid Monitoring system. It can be mounted on a tank or a process pipe with a customised connection.

Samples are collected at a selectable frequency by the opening of a valve, which allows the liquid to enter the module for analysis. Light from a broad-band light source is transmitted through a fibre optic cable to the liquid sampler where it is partially absorbed as it passes through the sample. The remaining light is then conveyed via another optical fibre to the analyser. The analysed liquid is then discarded. 

A pump is not required, as the sample flow through the unit is driven by the pressure of the process.

Multiple LS200L Liquid Samplers can be used with a single analyser and a multiplexer.

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