Liquid Monitoring Products

Liquid Monitoring Products

OPSIS is a leading supplier of monitoring solutions for gas process installations as well as a premium supplier of instruments for food analysis in the laboratory. OPSIS Liquid Monitoring offers these technologies as online solutions for monitoring of liquids, both in food and beverages industries as well as in other industries.

A typical OPSIS system for liquid monitoring, System 900, consists of a DOAS analyser and one or several measurement points. The unique FT-NIR DOAS solution has been developed by OPSIS during 30 years of research, and is currently installed and used at more than 1000 different sites around the world. 

The DOAS analyser has been used in demanding environments such as factory floors, inside cruising ships and in outdoor environments. The OPSIS unique technology will create robust data analysis, even in environments with vibrations and dust.

The unique liquid sampling module at the measurement point, which is connected to the DOAS analyser, allows correct and precise collection of sample data. The module features automatic cleaning, remote supervision and automatic optical correction to compensate for suface contamination. One System 900 can monitor and manage data from several measurement points.

The system also includes data collection, data storage and data transfer based on state-of-the-art communication, including interfaces to most process systems on the market. 

OPSIS’ monitoring systems are characterized by their reliability, durability and low maintenance costs; numerous references will vouch for this.

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