Fermentation Measurement

Monitoring of fermentation tanks inside a distillery allows a more efficient production as well as analysis of the enzymatic and yeast process. OPSIS Liquid Monitoring offers an efficient tool for following the fermentation process, which allows new possibilities to optimize a distillery production.

The OPSIS Liquid Monitoring system features a range of benefits, such as the possibility to measure saccharides and ethanol inside the fermentation will give better process control, the possibility to analyze and improve all the steps involved in  the fermentation, i.e. boiling, temperature, enzymes and yeast, and the possibility to achieve better usage of process and storage tanks. 

Other features include the important possibility to detect quality problems if the fermentation process does not start, the possibility to start and stop the process by on-line information directly in the process control room, remote monitoring, and less people involved in measurement with automatic the online system.

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