System 900

FT-NIR Analyser for Liquid Monitoring

The OPSIS Liquid Monitoring system - System 900 - provides the sugar mill and refinery industry with an accurate analyser that will operate with a minimum of maintenance. 

The OPSIS system is based on an FT-NIR method that uses an optical path for measurements. The light is transported from the light emitter through the sample, and via a receiver and an optical fibre to the the heart of the system - the analyser. One analyser can operate several optical paths. 

A single OPSIS system will measure all relevant parameters, such as Pol, Brix, and reducing sugars such as fructoses, glucoses, and maltoses. 

The unique solution from OPSIS Liquid Monitoring allows several measurement points to be monitored by one single analyser, giving an even more effective monitoring solution.

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