We are a globally present company that develops, manufactures and markets state-of-the-art, innovative systems for monitoring substances. Our goal is to provide our clients with a total monitoring solution, including reliable and cost-effective systems, regardless of applications.

We are organized into three divisions which are made up of business units, each focusing on a specific monitoring area. OPSIS core business is to provide systems for gaseous compounds and particulates for monitoring in the ambient air, addressing cities and regions, and continuous emissions monitoring and process control in a range of various industries. OPSIS Liquid Monitoring offers innovative solutions for monitoring substances in liquid phase for the food and beverage sector, as well as for the industrial sector. OPSIS LiquidLINE provides wet chemistry solutions for laboratories to determine protein and fat in food and environmental industries.

Our headquarters is in southern Sweden, where all our research and manufacturing are located. Our aim is, and has always been, to offer Swedish premium quality monitoring solutions.

OPSIS was founded in 1985, and is today represented on all continents. A network of subsidiary companies, distributors and other representatives, has been established, that are among the most competent and experienced organisations in each of the countries where they are operating. 

To ensure that operators get the best results, we provide thorough training courses for successful monitoring operation, calibration and maintenance. The courses are custom-designed in order to suit each operator’s needs and requirements. Also, we continuously arrange technical training courses for our distributors and representatives in order to guarantee thorough knowledge about our monitoring systems.


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  • Provide monitoring data with lowest possible environmental impact
  • Provide monitoring data with certified quality
  • Provide more monitoring data at less cost  



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