Liquid Sugar Measurement

High quality liquid sugar products, as well as an efficient sugar production, is critical in today’s business. OPSIS Liquid Monitoring offers a fast and efficient tool for controlling critical parameters in a sugar refinery or sugar mill, which increases both quality and efficiency. 

OPSIS Liquid Monitoring system has a range of beneficial features, such as the possibility to control the process with precise measurement of not only Brix, Pol and total sugar but also sugar fractions (saccharides), the possibility to start and stop the process by online information directly in the process control room, and due to the automatic online system, less people involved in the measurement. 

Reduce Production Costs

An automatic method for process monitoring will drastically reduce the costs for laboratory analysis. Online measuring and instant access to analysis results will reduce waiting times in the production, leading to lower production costs.

Optimize the Process

Precise measurement during the gelatinisation, liquefaction or saccharification steps makes it easier to optimize all steps of the production process. Precise mixing of different reducing sugars is simplified.

Improve Final Product Quality

It is possible to reduce undesired colorants with better process control, increasing the quality of the final product.

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