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Liquid Monitoring in Food and beverage

OPSIS Liquid Monitoring provides new innovative solutions for online measurement in process facilities at food and beverages manufacturers.

The System 900 provides accurate online measurement of liquids inside a process line. The system can analyse sugar, reduced sugars as well as other parameters.
A typical system consists of one DOAS analyser and one or several measurement points. Each measurement point can be mounted directly on pipes inside the factory as well as on storage or fermentation tanks. The analyser connects to the measurement point by an optical fibre. 

OPSIS provides several interfaces to process systems with support to most standard protocols. The OPSIS WT256L Web Transfer interface simplifies remote service as well as calibration support. 

Quality assurance and quality control is an integral part of the system design. It is applied automatically and secures reliable monitoring results with high accuracy and precision. The robust design of the instrument and track records from many years of practical operation in challenging environments, both with respect to temperature and particulate concentrations, vouch for trouble-free use with only a minimum of maintenance required.

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